Benefit for professor fighting breast cancer for 18 years


For 18 years one Richland Community College professor has been fighting breast cancer. Kris Sulzberger has had stage four cancer four eight years. Now her battle is winding down and the college is dedicating an event in her honor.

Friday at the Mueller Student Center an event dedicated to honor the fight Sulzberger has endured for so many years and recognize what she means to so many people.

Sulzberger is courageous, an inspiration and above all a fighter.

"Kris has made me a better person and embracing the gift that life really is," said Sociology Professor and Richland Community College colleague Kristi Palmer.

For 18 years Sulzberger has fought breast cancer, eight of them stage four, but now her time is limited. Friends said every day it's been a battle with a smile, never complaining.

"She always manages to find the good in everything," Palmer said.

Perhaps a lesson the Assistant English Professor never meant to teach but has gotten through to so many.

"Her personal courage has been really striking inspiration to so many of us," said Sulzberger's former teacher and now colleague Dr. Rick Tomlinson.

Her struggle to beat cancer has been about trying to heal herself while helping others.

"It was always what am I going to do to help you; what are you going to do to help yourself?" said Teena Zindel-McWilliams Coordinator of CUrriculum and Grants at Richland Community College.

And now the college helping Sulzberger in a way that they can, with a special event: Unite for one. Unite for all, dedicated to Sulzberger and cancer fighters everywhere. People can purchase baked goods and donated quilts made from yarn Sulzberger uses for knitting.

"It makes kris feel very good to know that her projects are going to be finished and enjoyed," Palmer said.

It's another gift from an unforgettable woman.

Another way you can honor Sulzberger is through the Kris Lives Challenge. It's a challenge for people to do something that they're afraid because like Sulzberger, it's about facing their fears. Her colleagues said that in these final days, she is in good spirits and appreciates the well wishes. They're going to try to video chat her Friday at the event.

The benefit starts at 9 a.m. People can also buy jewelry, pink bracelets and raffle tickets. Money raised goes toward the American Cancer Society and to support professor Sulzberger.

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