Crime Down In Decatur


Decatur - Crime rates have dropped dramatically in Decatur the past two years.

In 2012, Decatur Police say violent crimes were down 27.2%.  They have dropped another 5% so far in 2013.

Police Chief Todd Walker tells WAND News it has been a total effort by his entire department.  The department has stepped up its presence in high crime areas.  Increased bike and foot patrols.  And, they have followed up with crime victims and witnesses.

"By doing that we've been able to substantially chip away at and really take a bite out of what has been a big problem for this city over the years," Walker said.

Walker also credits "outstanding" work by his drug unit over the past year.  "We have seized over $7 million of illegal narcotics.  That's $7 million street value of illegal narcotics that would have been filtered through the city of Decatur had we not intercepted that," Walker added.

The police departments efforts have been noticed by Mayor Mike McElroy.  "It's the guys that are out in the streets every night, every day, every morning," the Mayor stated.  "These numbers show that this is a safe place to raise your family, go to work, go to church and enjoy your free time."

Decatur's updated crime statistics were released this week. View the stats here.

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