CCSO Arrest 22 for Drug Charges


Taylorville - When you talk to the people of Christian County, one of the major concerns they have are the number of drug problems plaguing the area.  

This week's bust is good news for everybody.  Christian County sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp said that this was a step in the right direction on ending the war on drugs.

On Thursday, the Christian County sheriff's office, along with the Central Illinois Enforcement Group, and officers from Edinburg, Pana, and Taylorville.

At least twenty one people were arrested for warrants related to drug charges.

In total 26 warrants issued, leaving police still searching for a few more suspects.

Meaning that the battle to keep drugs off these streets, is still far from over.

"What's disturbing to me is one of the individuals who is responsible for distributing a lot of drugs here in Christian county, to feed that individual's own habit, lives just three houses away from the high school here," said sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp.

Bringing the fight against drugs too close to comfort for some.


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