Decatur Haunted Warehouse Tour investigating paranormal activity


It's that time of year when haunted houses are filled with screams and one Decatur spot might give you chills. In the basement of the Scream haunted house there is a haunted warehouse tour where people can talk and maybe even see spirits.

There may be some thing you don't know about the old Mueller Factory building on Eldorado Street in Decatur.

"This building sat vacant for a couple of centuries and a lot of terrible things happened during that time," said Head Investigator Mark Edgecombe.

Like Murders, suicides and kidnappings.

"We have a woman downstairs in a closet that died in that closet," Edgecombe said. "She talks to us."

Edgecombe has been investigating this warehouse for three years. He uses EMF readers to pick up electro magnetic frequencies to communicate with spirits and a ghost box so he can hear them talk. The flickering of a light signals when they are standing next to you or answering a question.

"Something terrible has happened to them," Edgecombe said. "That's the reason most of them are here."

Sunday there was communication with Mark, a chef.

"Last night we had a guy whose grandfather worked here when this place was in operation who was able to confirm that, yes, Mark was that chef that worked here when this place was in operation and he knew him and he was very picky about people being in his kitchen," explained tour guide David Pieper.

And he wasn't happy WAND was there. As WAND walked through other rooms, people were coming and going.

"If we're lucky we see something, it's great, or hear something it's great, but if not, better luck next time," Pieper said.

And with each step, it's an investigation of the unknown.

The tour costs $12 or it's $20 to get into the haunted house and the tour.

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