High School football team forfeits win, stripped of CS8 title


Rochester - A high school football team will no longer have an undefeated season, after a self-reported violation.

The Rockets will be stripped of their perfect season and their Central State Eight title, after a governing authority ruled ineligible players affected the outcome of one close game.They will forfeit their 38-33 September victory over Sacred Heart Griffin High School.

The result stemmed from a group of moms who bought championship rings for three kids who couldn't afford them. The purchase totaled more then 200 dollars.

The decision came a day after the school self-reported the violation.

The three players played in eight games. But most were blowouts, so the association ruled their outcomes weren't influenced by the ineligible players' participation.

However, the three students have been since reinstated and will be able to play in the state playoffs.

The forfeit will drop Rochester's record to 8 and 1.

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