Doctors Tell Parents to Limit Kids' Media Use



DECATUR-The average 8 to ten year old spends nearly 8 hours a day with a variety of media.  Older kids and teens more than 11 hours a day. But doctors warn there should be limits because too much isn't good for kids.
From snapchat to facebook to surfing the web, kids nowadays spend more time using media than in the classroom. But too much media can be bad.  
Doctors link it to violence, cyberbullying, poor school performance, obesity, and lack of sleep.
So  the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests--keep total entertainment screen time to less than two hours a day
And discourage all screen media exposure for kids under two. 
They also suggest keeping all screens out of kids' bedrooms.
But it's not just how long they're in front of screens it's about the quality of the content. 


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