Students Learn About Bullying in Illinois Tuesday


Springfield - It's a sad story that many kids face on a daily basis.  

Bullying in the classroom, in the cafeteria, and even on the playground.  But Tuesday's 'mix it up' was a chance for many kids to meet new friends, and for a chance to say that bullying isn't okay.

When it comes to bullying, kids are well aware of it.

That's why Tuesday's 'Mix It Up Day' at Lincoln Magnet School in Springfield was about teaching these students to branch out and to meet new friends.

"They're not even meeting them, they know each other, but they don't sit with another necessarily," said guidance dean Kelly Wickham.

To stand up to bullying, and to learn real life lessons about how to treat others.

When it comes to changing what we know, sometimes it requires simply mixing it up.

While it was the kids learning lessons Thursday, about bullying and how to be nice to everyone, maybe there's a lesson there that we can all learn to treat everyone the way that we wanted to be treated as well.


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