United Way looks to reach big fundraising goal


Decatur - The United Way of Decatur and Mid-Illinois has a big fundraising goal this year.


The goal this year is 2-million dollars. Today United Way leaders gave their October report, so far they're 48-percent of the way there.  They have raised more than 961-thousand dollars.


"Our goal has gone down for the last several years, the last two years we were at $1.8 million and we really felt like it was time to kick it up a notch, and do everything we can to start raising that goal back up. 05:11 Um, we've gone as high as $2.6 million dollars in the past so we feel like we can get back there, it's going to take some time but we're doing everything we can to change that trend and start going back up." Debbie Bogle from the United Way of Decatur and Mid-Illinois told WAND.


The United Way says, it would like to meet the goal by December 31st. All money raised stays right here in the Decatur community, going to support local programs.

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