Inmate back in prison after being wrongfully released


Decatur - An inmate mistakenly released from the Macon County Jail has been captured.

Just hours after deputies say 25-year-old Schuyler McCoy escaped from prison Wednesday afternoon, he was taken into custody by US Marshals. McCoy identified himself to correctional officers as another inmate and was released.

Deputies say they talked to multiple people who had spotted him and made the arrest at about 6:15 Wednesday evening.

Lt. Jamie Belcher of the Macon County Sheriff's office expressed how it important it was to find the escaped inmate. "He was sentenced to the Department of Corrections awaiting departure to the Department of Corrections for aggravated battery and he was also there on parole hold."

Any inmate that was suppose to be sentenced to the Illinois Department of Corrections could potentially be dangerous due to the fact they were suppose to be sent there as opposed to being free on the street."

McCoy has since been returned to jail is charged with escape.

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