Springfield Rotary Foundation Donates Technology Grant to Ridgely School


Springfield - Schools hope someone in the community can lend a hand when it comes to funding.

On Thursday, the Springfield Rotary Foundation answered that call, donating money to be used on sending 100 refurbished computers to the homes of students.

"Being able to provide an opportunity that connects school to home, and supplying families with computers and Internet access in their home so that students can be on the same level playing field as other students.  It's just a great opportunity," Ridgely Elementary Principal Ken Gilmore told WAND News.

An opportunity that principal Gilmore hopes other schools in District 186 get to experience.

"It'll help a lot of kids at our school, but I hope in the future, programs like this will help students all over the country," added Gilmore.
All it takes is somebody to step up, and lend a hand.


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