Dirt riders race for Big Brothers Big Sisters


It's a race to the finish but the winners aren't competing. Sunday in Oakley, dirt-bike riders raised money for Big Brothers Big Sisters with a charity race. It's an event with history and success.

In Oakley, Steve Schollmeier has what he calls his "70 Acres of Heaven."

"It's just a good place to come out, get unstressed," he said.

And have fun, because Sunday he was about racing for a good cause.

"It's a lot more laid back," said Race Director Steve Gepford. "It's still competitive. When you're on the bike, everyone's still going for it, but when there in the pits and afterwards, it's just a good time."

It's where Schollmeier and about 150 others competed in the charity race.

'It's an idea that's grown and grown," Schollmeier said.

Dirt riders of all ages competed. The main event, a three hour long race on a three and a half mile track through the woods.

"Here you've got a good bunch of guys on dirt bikes for a good cause, like I said, raising money and toys for Big Brothers Big Sisters," Schollmeier said.

Schollmeier has been competing in this race for 14 years. It's been going on for 21. And through the years, it's raised thousands of dollars and countless toys for the charity.

"The Big Brothers Big Sisters program, when they get matched up with someone, they find out that there's people out there that really do care, so we're helping that out," Gepford said.

And while it's a day filled with friendly competition, the best part," When it's over... Surviving," Schollmeier said with a laugh.

Because a fun day at the track, can still be a hard day.

This wasn't the only race for charity put on in Oakley. This one was so successful Schollmeier started another race in the summer that benefits the Wounded Warrior Project.

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