Oasis Day Center Gets 300K Grant


DECATUR- The Oasis Day Center was in danger of closing when they lost federal money, but the announcement of a 300 thousand dollar grant from the Department of Human Services means they can stay open.
The Oasis Day Center helps 200 people each day, more than 2200 people last year.
They give the homeless a place between the hours of 7 am and 5 PM  to come in off the street where they can clean clothes, take a shower, and use the phone and get a cup of coffee.
The also provide help connecting people to services they need.  
State Senator Andy Manar says that a group of city and community leaders came to him to discuss how to restore funding. 
He says the center is a good investment because of the center's ability to connect the homeless to the resources they need. 
The center will be able to operate 365 days a year without cutting back any hours.
People in the community and businesses also raised tens of thousands to help keep the center open.


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