Rally Goers Call for Same Sex Marriage Vote Monday


Springfield - Those hoping for marriage equality protested outside the Social Security in Springfield Monday.

They said that in times of death to a spouse or partner, marriage equality would insure that they're taken care of.

They're calling on local leaders, like state representative Sue Scherer, to vote yes.

"The majority of the constituents do support this and it's not going to hurt her at all in the next election if she votes yes for this issue.  I do hope sincerely when it comes time to press that button, she changes her mind and hits the yes button and not the no vote.  So we encourage everybody to call her office, either in Decatur or in Springfield, and urge her to vote yes on this issue," said one speaker.

If called up for a vote this session, same sex marriage would need 60 yes votes in order to go in effect January 1st. 


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