SNAP Cuts: Living on Less


Decatur- When you are counting pennies, having your food stamp benefits cut is a serious issue.

WAND's Brigette Burnett sat down with a family of six to see what the cuts mean to one Decatur family.

"If it wasn't for the link card my family would go hungry. We do not buy the junk or the or the things you do not need," said Andrea Rogers.

Andrea Rogers is a mother of four, she's in school and she has a job. However, she does not make enough where she works. That is why she still needs assistance.

"I was getting $952 because of the size of my family," Rogers told WAND.

If you break that down. Rogers only has about $1.76 she can use per person, per meal. What happens when she doesn't receive $952 a month?

"They took $52 away. That is almost three full meals for my family," Rogers said.

Now they are living off of $1.67 per meal and per person.

"I make my grocery list meal by meal to make it last the whole month. There's no extras. Strictly what we need," Rogers added.

Now that money for the SNAP program is cut, some people will start depending more on food banks. For instance, a place like the Northeast Community Fund in Decatur.

"You see someone come in here and you say I can do without food. . . But when you see kids, no one wants to see them go hungry," said Jerry Pelz from the Northeast Community Fund.

A tough time for people who have to get by with less.

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