English Teacher Opens Concealed Carry Training Course


Tom Jeffers, who teaches English in Edinburg, encourages his middle schoolers to shoot for the stars. But once the schoolyard clears, Jeffers has a new set of students shooting at a closer target. Double Tap Firearms may sound like a command, but it's actually the name of Tom Jeffers concealed carry instruction course. A teacher at heart, his ultimate concern is the safety of the community.

"I believe in the Second Amendment," Jeffers said. "I think it's really important. If you look at any kind of data that's all across the board, crime always decreases in areas that allow concealed carry."

Jeffers is from Tennessee, where he first became interested in gun laws.

"I remember when I was in my twenties in Tennessee," Jeffers said. "There was a brutal murder at a rest stop and I just think that if those folks had been trained properly and been carrying they might have been able to protect their entire family."

In order to qualify for a license, you must pass 16 hours of firearms training, including classroom and range instruction. The courses cover firearms safety, gun cleaning, loading and unloading, storing, carrying, transporting, and of course shooting. Jeffers says after his class, you will be set to go.

"You literally could go to a store, purchase a firearm, bring it to this class after you've waited the required amount of time and we would take you from beginning ownership all the way through to the range time."

And come January, a license to conceal and carry legally.

Tom Jeffers offers his course at the Pana Sportsman Club. But there are now hundreds of licensed instructors and locations in the State of Illinois.

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