Danville School District to Review School Days


DANVILLE- Danville School officials are inviting parents to voice their opinions on the start and end times for a school day. This year, the elementary schools increased their school days by twenty-five minutes, while the high school level increased by fifteen minutes. The longer school day had to be negotiated with the Danville Education Association. The latest Danville Education Association, DEA, Contract, which entailed longer school days, was settled in July--the middle of summer break. This means that there was not a good enough representation of the community. Now, the district has formed a committee to review the times and see whether changes are needed.

The first meeting will be held November 7th at 6:00 PM in the Jackson Building. The address is 516 N. Jackson St. in Danville. While there hasn't been any complaints to the school day changes, officials say that some parents and teachers are concerned for students who participate in athletics and extracurricular activities. Many after school events start around 4 in the afternoon. Later dismissal times could mean that students would have to miss their final classes of the day in order to make it to their event on time. Parents are encouraged to join the committee and voice their thoughts.

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