Catholic Church withdraws funding


Champaign - The Catholic Church has dropped funding for the University YMCA after the organization endorsed same sex marriage.


The University YMCA was told they need to revoke their membership with the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights before they could get further funding. The Catholic Bishops added this condition to the funding when ICIRR endorsed marriage equality in Illinois. 


Y Executive Director Mike Doyle, explained the work is to important to end it. "ICIRR does incredible work and plays a critical role in helping us be more effective advocates in our community - their support is essential to what we do.  We were surprised the Bishops felt compelled to cut off funding for a worthy project just because one of the groups we work with disagrees with the church.  It is unfortunate but we are determined to move forward. This work is too important."  


Committed to continuing its work on immigration, the University Y will be seeking support from the community to replace the lost funds.

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