Procedural measure stops gun bill; House adjourns


Springfield -- Black members in the Illinois House have used a procedural measure to stop an anti-crime bill aimed at guns on city streets.


The House adjourned from its fall session shortly afterward. It took no action on the legislation sponsored by Rep. Michael Zalewski -- a Riverside Democrat.


Chicago Democratic Rep. Kenneth Dunkin is head of the Legislative Black Caucus. He says he's worried the bill will sweep up thousands of young black men without helping them.


Dunkin requested he be provided information on the bill's effect, including its cost and impact on the prison system. The Department of Corrections did not file that information.


Zalewski could have asked the House to rule the information inapplicable -- but it likely wouldn't have worked.


Harrisburg State Representative Brandon Phelps called the adjournment without action a shock, telling WAND that,"we had a deal right, so we get to the floor, and there was a bunch notes that were filed.  There were a lot of legislators that had their speaker buttons on to try and make a motion to rule the notes inapplicable, but they weren't called on, and we were adjourned.  So, it's just sad that these crimes are going to be committed everyday because there's not a deterrent, which is what we tried to do today."


The bill is SB1342.


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