Stores Prepare for Holiday Season, Shoplifting


In just this year, alone, more than 13 billion dollars worth of goods will be stolen from retailers, according to the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention.

Kim Entlers, the owner of Embroidered Expressions in Decatur, had merchandise stolen from her store not to long ago.

"Actually last night, I had a lady come in and stole quite a few rings off the counter."

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in Decatur is now at 11.9 percent. That's almost 2 points higher than what it was in February of 2012. Sabrina Hall manages an urban clothing shop in Decatur. She believes unemployment may be the reason for such high numbers.

"People now don't have jobs, don't have money. So any way, any means to survive or to get there family things, anything they need, they will steal it."

Entlers says there are things small business owners can do to lessen the chances of this happening to them.

"We're keeping smaller items up towards the counter so it's not as easy for the shoplifters to pocket things.

Hall says electronic devices help as well.

"Get some security buzzers. That's what we have on items to kind of deter people from stealing."

Both managers agree that times may be hard, but no one has to result to shoplifting. There are opportunities to make money for the people who seek them hard enough.

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