Computer Experts Warn of Dangerous Virus


DECATUR-An aggressive virus called Crypto-locker is sweeping the country.  Computer experts advise taking precautions.
 It's a Trojan or ransom ware virus.  It scrambles your personal files any network drives or backup drives.  
You get the virus from opening an email attachment often a fake Fed ex or UPS tracking notification. 
When you try to open it you're downloading the virus with no notification. 
Once your files are scrambled you're asked to pay money to get your files back.  And the people you're supposed to pay might not ever get that data back to you.   
If you'd like to download software to protect yourself from this virus:
Here are some tips from Decatur Computers, Inc. To protect yourself:
1.)    Make sure your anti virus software is active and up to date.
2.)    Make sure your antivirus software is scanning email attachments. 
3.)    Make sure all your Microsoft security updates are done and software is up to date.
4.)    Make sure your data backups are secure and copies are not attached to your computer.
5.)    Do not open any attachments you are not expecting or do not know who they are from.
6.)    Deep scan your computer often.
7.)    Install and configure a program (CryptoPrevent) that assists in preventing currently known versions of the encryption malware. 


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