During this time of the year, leaves often fall into these narrow channels, creating a chore that's easy to miss...cleaning them out.

Joe Slusarski of J. J Swartz Company says ignoring them has consequences.

"If you don't do it, what happens is you'll get back-up in the gutter. That can mean water damage inside your home to dry wall and roof decking and rafters and things of that nature."

So how can you avoid these issues? One option is to seek professional help.

"We can keep those gutters cleaned out for you so there isn't a problem in the winter time," Slusarski said. And in the springtime, when you get the heavy rains, that water can get down to the downspouts and away from the home."

Another option is to clean the gutter yourself. Decatur homeowner, Thomas Mower does it every year.

"I got my ladder out, and I was very careful when I went up there. And I scoop them out with a scoop, put them in a bucket, and take it to the recycle bag."

If neither are viable options, Mower says there are churches that may be able to save the day.

"Churches have youth groups that will go around, and they'll rake up leaves in the yard. They'll clean gutters as a service project for the community."

Whatever you do, be quick. Once the winter temperatures arrive, the guttered leaves will freeze and become much harder to handle.

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