Cops, Kids, and Christmas!

It's an annual event where less fortunate kids get the opportunity to spend the morning shopping with a police officer.

"It's important that we can give back to the community," officer Joshua Stunkel said. "There is a need. We spend a hundred dollars on each kid. Of that, they need to get a coat, hat and gloves. After that they can get whatever they like."

Each kid is a student of School District #182 in Springfield. They are handpicked by their teachers. Olivia Wicks was one of the lucky few.

"I bought a coat, shoes, and gloves, and a hat. "

OliVia's sister, Sophia, also participated.

"I bought a bracelet, hairstyle, coat, boots, shoes, and candy."

Olivia and Sophia's mother says she would not have been able to provide these things on her own.

"It's a wonderful program. I appreciate it because this year, I wasn't really sure if I was going to be able to do anything for them because I've been suffering from cancer. So, I'm just thankful for the Springfield Police Department and Matheny Withrow School for holding this event for me and my family because it helped us out so much."

And even though their Christmas tree may not be up yet, they already have gifts to go underneath. Reporting for WAND News, I'm Michael Burton.

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