Veterans are being celebrated around the country and right here in Decatur. One place of tribute for local residents is the city's world war ii memorial in downtown Decatur.

"I've seen some people out here that have actually had tears in their eyes because of some loved ones they lost overseas," said one city official. "And now they have a resting spot here in the United States."

Another place Americans are paying respect is in cemeteries. Frederick Moore, a former Hospital Corpsman, is honoring graves of veterans with an American flag.

"When I stand here and put a flag on one of those graves, I'm doing it place of the family. Because who else is going to."

The oldest surviving World War II veteran was the guest of honor at a special pre-veteran's day event in Texas.

From Atlanta, to Detroit, to right here in Central Illinois tomorrow, vets will be on display at various parades. A special day of celebration for those who fought for our freedom.

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