School Closings in Mid November


BUFFALO- Overnight lows in the lower twenties and snow on the ground; but this isn't the sole cause of the Tri-City School District to close Tuesday and Wednesday. An ongoing battle with mold is preventing the school from turning on the heat. Parents were notified of the two day cancellation in a recorded message sent out Monday morning via the district's school ReachNotification System.

The heating units have been professionally cleaned since mold was first found earlier this Fall throughout the Buffalo building. The cleanup started two weeks ago, but the school wants to play it safe and wait for the lab results to test negative of spores. Lab results are expected back later this week. Once the results show the systems are clear of mold, the elementary school's heat should kick back on by Thursday or Friday. Heat in the junior high and high schools will likely be back on the following week. With no running heat, the school has placed portable heaters throughout the building. As a precautionary measure against the mold, ventilation systems have been covered with plastic. Classes should resume Thursday when the high temperature is expected to reach the lower fifties.

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