Family files lawsuit after they say an officer killed their dog


Champaign - A family has now filed a lawsuit against the City of Champaign and an officer who allegedly shot and killed their dog.

In November of 2012 Kelsey Markou, was walking her dog just a block away from her home when a pit bull attacked "Dog," her chocolate lab.

A man passing by called police to the scene, and one officer proceeded to fire multiple rounds of shots.  Police claim Markou "no longer had control of her dog" when they arrived just before 5:30 p.m. The pit bull, collarless at the time of the attack, suffered a grazing wound to the leg.

The family said the city was "was incapable or unwilling to answer these allegations in their complaint process against their police officer." The police department conducted an internal investigation on the officers, but they were cleared of any wrong doings.

The family also added "we regret that it had to come to this but the City of Champaign left us no other option."

If you would like to support the family you can join them on Facebook


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