Wiped Cell Phones Still Can Have Data



CHAMPAIGN- Odds are most of you have cell phones. But when you get rid of  an old one, you could be putting  your identity  at risk. 
The WAND I-TEAM met with  a cyber security expert to put it to the test.  They bought  several old cell phones  from thrift shops.  
And -- low and behold, when powered up there's personal information  on them like  contact information, text messages even photos.  
Cyber security expert  John Bambenek  says criminals can sometimes use this information to steal your identity   
He advises all cell phone users to take precautions when getting rid of an old phone.  He says delete all sensitive material and restore it to factory settings.  But he says even more than that, if you are worried about it, hold on the phone, or physically destroy it. 


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