Construction at PCCC Has Positive Effect on Springfield



Springfield - Construction on the Prairie Capitol Convention Center is having a positive effect on employment in Springfield.

The jobs are part of the Illinois Jobs Now! program, which is possible through taxpayer money.

Which will support about 439,000 jobs over the six years.

Those are jobs that could help the local economy in a big way.

"It allows us to make investments that build and grow our economy to create jobs, and we're investing $4-million dollars in this project, with other partners as well.  We've got to invest in order to grow and I really feel that this is the best way to go for everybody," said Illinois Governor Pat Quinn.

"The tourism industry is responsible for 3,140 jobs in our community, and has an economic impact of approximately $379-million dollars," added Springfield Mayor Mike Houston.

So while the show must go on at the Prairie Capitol Convention Center, there's work to be done, and jobs to be created first.


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