Friday evening vigil remembers Junisha Cummings


Friends and family remember 15-year-old Junisha Cummings who was killed just two days ago after a gun shot to the head.

The second vigil the community put together to remember Cummings was held Friday evening. The other one was held Thursday evening. Friends, family, anyone from the community joined in on prayer and sharing what they remember about the 15 year old. A common discussion since her death, people want to stop the violence. And when people were asked their reaction to what happened, everyone said they can't believe it. There are no words. They were in shock.

"I busted out crying, I just couldn't stop crying," said a family-friend of the Cummings. "Couldn't go to sleep, tossing and turning. Look it could have been my child like I said. It could be an innocent bystander."

"The ugliness of what happened Wednesday night is not the norm, it is not everybody," said Pastor Tim Lusitana with Life Builders Church of God, the church to which Cummings belonged. "There are other communities that things like this where things like this have happened where there's not a lot of violence or whatever but just with people showing up to her memorial and people who don't know her doing that, shows a lot of the goodness of Decatur."

Pastor Lusitana shared Cummings journal. An entry she wrote reads: "I am thankful for waking up this morning and living to see another day. I am happy to walk and talk. I can do all things through Jesus Christ."

As for Cummings family, he said they are still somewhat in shock. He added they couldn't discuss funeral plans Thursday because the family just couldn't talk about it.

Pastor Lusitana also added that Graceland Fairlawn funeral home is taking care of all the funeral costs for the family. And he said Sunday, in addition to her visitation, the service will be dedicated to Cummings.

As for the 15 year old who police say shot Junisha, he's being held on $1 million bond.

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