Tiny town of Gifford changed forever after Sunday's storm


Gifford - The destruction is not much different in the town of Gifford, from Sunday's storm.


Families in Gifford say they lost their home in a matter of minutes. " I said it's here it's here. it's coming. We grabbed the baby and ran into the bathroom and it blew us into the bathroom."


Those few minutes changed the tiny town of Gifford forever. Jan Stalter explained the scene "glass everywhere the ceiling was on top of us. my son was pinned down. and we had a small hole and we stuck the baby outside that hole to the person that was outside yelling at us."

mayor-"it was unreal. it was like a train came by then it was gone."


The clean up has begun, but residents have long way to go before the town is back to normal.


The Red Cross is taking requests for help. Gifford will only left those individuals in. Go to http://disaster.salvationarmyusa.org/ to find out how you can help.


A shelter has been set up in Gifford for those in need at Community Health & Rehab Building - 2304 County Road, 3000N in Gifford

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