Is JFK's Assassination a Conspiracy?


Fifty years ago Friday the conspiracy theories began. Was the assassination of John F. Kennedy organized by a group, or did the charged suspect, Harvey Lee Oswald, act alone? Kennedy enthusiast, Richard Hansen, started out as a conspiracy believer when he first began investigating 30 years ago.

"The JFK assassination is history's biggest mystery," said Hansen.  "I mean people still, 50 years later, want to know who did it. I personally believe that Oswald was the lone gunman."

Mt. Zion resident, Marcia Whitley, agrees.

"I think they found him so quickly. You just didn't here about groups of people working like that back in those days. "

Many theorists argue that witnesses whose statements pointed to a conspiracy were either ignored or intimidated.  Hansen said there is evidence to prove otherwise.

"There was a book written by Charles Crenshaw about him at Parkland Hospital and what he went through and then he was one of these people that said his opinions were silenced and he was intimidated and come to find out later Charles Crenshaw wasn't even in the hospital at the time."

Another argument is that the evidence against Oswald was planted and forged.

"When you actually look at the actual documents, their line of investigation is solid."

Hansen said the "who done it" theories will last as long as the generation that lived the moment is still around.

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