Child with Cerebral Palsy Gives People Hope


Warrensburg- A 10-year-old is giving others hope by showing people with Cerebral Palsy that you can make a difference.

Allen Bublitz has Cerebral Palsy and he is showing people that it is not a hindrance.

He gets around using a walker, shoots a bb gun, he has a white belt, horseback rides and kneeboards, among other things.

"It's hard because you like have to balance yourself and balance the kneeboard at the same time and it's hard," said Allen.

"People are just completely taken by him. They come up and want their picture taken with him. He's very inspirational to a lot of people," said Michelle Bublitz, Allen's mother.

At 4-years-old Allen had his first surgery.

"His hips were about to dislocate so they had to realign the ball in the socket," added his mother.

The next surgery is in March "to lengthen the tendons and take out the hardware from his first surgery," said Michelle.

With all of this, Allen continues to push himself.

"It felt good to actually get something accomplished. . . I get a lot accomplished when I'm at home doing stuff," Allen told WAND.

"Allen just wants to do what other kids do. He just wants to play sports, go out and play ball," Bill Bublitz, Allen's father said.

Five years from now his father wants Allen to walk on his own.

"Knowing Allen, if he can't he will make the best of it either way," Bill added.

For other people with Cerebral Palsy, Allen has some advice, "don't give up. Keep trying and trying."

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