App to Help Stop Domestic Abuse


DECATUR - There were 994 domestic abuse calls in Decatur in the past three months and 260 in November so far.

"We see cycles of abuse that occur and in those cycles of abuse sometimes those people are re-victimized time and time again," said Sheriff Thomas Schneider. 

Robin McGraw, Dr. Phil's wife, created an app to break victim's silence.

"If we are using technology what do we have to include in that to help protect the victim that is going to use that technology," said Vickie Smith of Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Abuse.

McGraw says that is why her app looks like a news application. However, it functions as a resource to get out of an abusive situation.

Sheriff Schneider encourages people to "use it."

"People nowadays respond more with applications from phones then they do the papers we had them," added Schneider.

Smith said the app is beneficial but it can cause concern.

"With abusers they are very wise about how to use technology. The abuser may track that as well and they will know they are seeking help," Smith added.

Whether you use an app or reach out to someone you trust, "we want to make sure the families are protected and of course the children don't have to go through any hardship," said Schneider.

For the name of the app reach out to Brigette Burnett at

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