Big Creek Riding Center closing


Decatur - The Big Creek Riding Center will close their doors on Saturday.

The park district voted to close the riding center to help offset finances. The closing of Big Creek came as a recommendation by a consultant for the park district's master plan.  

However, Greg Wykamp of Edgewater Resources said the decision was simple "the bottom line is folks simply aren't coming," "There's not enough horses, not enough consistent revenue."

And he says upkeep for the horses is expensive. So are maintenance and utilities to keep the place going. And the only way this facility makes money is with boarding fees which doesn't cover everything.

"There's simply no long term optimism for it's economic success."

Weykamp says there are between 5 and 20 people who consistently pay to use the center, and the goals of the Park District are to benefit the greatest number of people.

The park district subsidized an average of 60-thousand per year over the last 12 years to keep the riding center open.

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