Supporting Small Businesses Could Decrease Unemployment


Decatur - An estimated 21% of small-business owners increased the number of employees working in their stores on Small Business Saturday. That's because they expected  discounts to bring in large crowds.

But if the crowds supported small businesses every day, towns struggling from unemployment (like Decatur) would benefit. Patrick Hogan, the city's Economic Development Officer, agrees.

"Whenever you are shopping locally and going with your local employers they are going to re-invest that money back into your community, back into their business, and in turn hire more people."

Decatur store owner, Kim McSherry, concurs.

"If our business is flourishing, we can higher more people. As with all the other businesses downtown."

There is more than one benefit to supporting small businesses. According to Hogan, the money that goes toward making the city better as a whole also goes up.

"If you do shop locally, $68 out of every hundred you spend will go right back into the community," said Hogan.

A win-win for shoppers and residents.

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