City Council to Discuss Railroad Crossing Closure


DECATUR-The city has discussed closing a railroad crossing deemed dangerous.  But the people who live in the neighborhood worry it will limit their access to emergency services. 
The crossing at 32nd street and fries parkway has no guard rails blinking lights or bells. 
Drivers top on the tracks before pulling onto the road and the car traffic causes rail traffic delays. 
But the people who live in the neighborhood like the crossing.  It gives them a way out and emergency responders a way in. 
Back in October when  closing the crossing came up at council, neighbors spoke out, worried that when trains are on both tracks on 27th street there's no way in or out. 
But the fire chief has come up with a solution. He says they will be using a private drive that runs through the old firestone plant  he says the route may even improve access to the neighborhood, because it is still more direct.   
If approved, it won't be taxpayers footing the bill for the closure, but the railroad. 


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