ADM incentives pass Senate


SPRINGFIELD- The senate passed the ADM incentive bill with a 39-14 vote. State Senator Andy Manar called that bill. Now it must get house approval, although the house has adjourned.

If ADM keeps its global headquarters in Illinois, maintains 200 corporate jobs at the headquarters, and adds 100 jobs in Decatur for the next five years, the state will give them 24 million dollars over the next 2 decades.

ADM would keep the money deducted from employee paychecks for Illinois taxes.

Both Decatur Mayor Mike McElroy and City Manager Ryan McCrady were in Springfield to support keeping ADM in the state and bringing jobs to Decatur.

But offering incentives to the company has not been popular with everyone; one lawmaker went so far as accusing ADM of blackmailing the state.

Another bill passed Tuesday gave tax credits to Office Max/Depot and Univar to stay in the state. That bill now moves now to the house.

Again in order for those incentives to materialize it would have to go to the house and the governor.

A spokesperson from ADM says they will refrain from commenting until the session is complete.

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