Unions to challenge constitutionality of pension bill


Springfield -  While the governor called the passage of pension reform a victory for the state's finances, unions are called it a slap in the face to state workers.

They said that while Governor Pat Quinn and Speaker of the House Michael Madigan may have won the battle, they have not won the war.

The pension bill now waits for Governor Quinn's signature.

If signed, several worker's unions say they will challenge the bill in court.

"The constitution simply says you can not reduce benefits, and these benefits have, through this legislation, unconstitutionally, in our opinion, been taken away," said Illinois Education Association vice president Kathi Griffin.

Some unions even called the decision a theft from state workers.

"Instead of taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions, they looked to the people who serve this community and stole their life's savings," said AFSCME legislative director Joanna Webb-Gauvin.

While the courts look over the bill passed Tuesday, the union leaders hope  a better bill is out there, one that they say is constitutional.

Until then, it's a waiting game.


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