Drivers Prepare for Snowy Conditions


Springfield - As the season's first significant snowfall makes its way to the area, it's a reminder of two things.  

If you're going to live in Illinois,  you have to know how to drive in the snow, and two, when driving in the snow, having an emergency kit in your car can be very important.

While the roadways are clear right now, snow moving into the area could lead to slick conditions which could cause drivers to end up in ditches.

If that happens, it pays to have a winter roadside emergency kit handy, just in case.

"For winter driving, you're especially going to want to have some flashlights and fresh batteries.  Kitty litter or tube sand to add weight and traction, things like that.  If you're tires get on ice, or you get off in a ditch with a little bit of snow, that litter or tube sand adds a little bit of grit and really helps get your tires get a hold and get you up out of where you are," said Springfield's Big R assistant manager Ben Prater.

For more helpful tips, visit the Department of Transportation's web site.


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