Pearl Harbor Memorial at Lake Decatur


Decatur - Just before 8:00 on a Sunday morning in 1941, nearly 400 Japanese warplanes attacked the United States' pacific fleet. Ships sank. Aircrafts were destroyed. Thousands of Americans were killed. However, pride has overcome grief.

Many people spent Pearl Harbor Day honoring the heroes who fought for our country. Some are right here in Central Illinois. Veterans and patriots gathered at Lake Decatur to commemorate the attack by tossing a wreath of flowers into the water. David Freyling of the Macon County Veteran's Assistance Commission emceed the event.

"This event we've been doing for the last 7 or 8 years is to commemorate the attack on Pearl Harbor 72 year ago," said Freyling.

Veteran, Peter W. Frank, also shared a few words

"At that time it was the biggest land loss and sea loss of the history of this country. And we are here today, honoring and remembering all the heroes that didn't come back to this county."

Freyling says the wreath ceremony is done across the country.

"We've seen it done down at pearl harbor. They throw out wreaths of flowers and things like that so we thought that'd be a good thing to do also."


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