Lost Tornado Items Returned to Owners


Morton- When tornadoes ripped through parts of Illinois on November 17th, pictures, documents and family treasures were flung across the state. Now there's a push to reunite families with their belongings.

With the help of volunteers at the Morton Public Library, they are trying to make sure lost items are back to its owners.

Shirley Lukavich thought she lost everything in the Washington tornado

Lukavich said, "everything was gone. I came out of the basement and there was nothing."

Little did she know, not everything was destroyed. Lukavich found a document from her late husband at the library.

Hundreds of items are brought in, numbered, photographed, placed in protective sheets and put on Facebook to wait for its owner to find.

Bob Fetch was searching on the Facebook page, "Found Items from the Washington Illinois and Diamond Illinois Tornadoes," he recognized two pictures of his daughter.

"I'm sure she would like to share that with her daughter one day. I'm glad I found it," Fetch said.

As the volunteers continue to rummage though what blew away, they will bring priceless memories to those who thought they were gone forever.

The Morton Public Library is in need of gallon size Ziploc bags, sheet protectors and three ring binders. If you would like to help them continue the project, please send the items to 315 W. Pershing St. in Morton, IL.

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