Easy, cheap ways to heat home during cold weather months


On these frigid winter nights, the last thing people want is to have outside air come into their home.  So rather than turning up the heat, there are easy ways people can keep their house warm without the cold creeping in.

As shoppers browse the store aisles and look for ways to heat their home, they may check out space heaters. They're a popular solution especially this time of year.

"It would be more efficient than turning your heat up on your thermostat for your whole entire house," said Toby Cramer with Ace Hardware.

Even humidifiers can do the trick in any room of the house.

"The more humidity in the air in the house, the more efficiently the heat, so to speak, is displaced through the air in the room," he explained.

Mark Daniels, President of Ace Hardware in Decatur, recently insulated the sliding door of his home with an easy-to-use kit.

"You can definitely hear the furnace not running as much as it used to so that makes it worth it," Daniels said.

His next project may be sealing his garage door.

"Air seeps in through that, too," he said.

If homeowners are not looking for a quick fix but a more permanent solution to heating their home, at Easter Seals Central Illinois Decatur, moderate income families can sign up to have their home weatherized.

"They have to qualify," explained Teri Moore with Easter Seals. "They have to live in Macon county, they have to own their home and it cannot be a trailer and it's for moderate income families."

If homeowners qualify, they can make their house air tight absolutely free, paid for by Ameren. And it saves families money, decreasing their power bills by up to 20 percent.

People can also make sure their filter is clean for their furnace so it runs more efficiently and effectively. And checking if there are gaps where the pipes enter the home, like in the basement or the crawl space is also important.  Cramer said homeowners also can insulate their pipes or use ceramic space heaters. Radiant space heaters that use quartz tubing also work well. They tend to warm up objects in the room so heat can stay in the area more consistently.

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