Lincoln Home decorated for the holidays


Springfield - Thousands of visitors will pass through the doors a the Lincoln Home site to see how our former president lived, and during this time of the year the home is full of holiday cheer.


Inside and out, the Lincoln Home is ready for Christmas. Park Rangers provide tours of Lincoln's home. However, without the help of volunteers, things like this weekend's historic Christmas wouldn't be possible.


Laura Gundrum, Chief of Interpretation said the help is needed with some of the budget cuts "being a federal government agency, this last year we had some budget reductions, and as a result, we're having to find people who can fill in the gaps."


Volunteers like Harvey Nelson think its vital to keep the Lincoln Home a part of history "I think it's important because it's a way of giving back to the community.  Also I think that by doing it I think you're getting a good feeling within yourself too."


The home will be decorated until January 2nd. To see a full list of holiday programs visit

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