Teddy Deterding: in his death, boy saves several lives


In his death, Teddy Deterding gave the gift of life. Now a floral image of the boy has been created that will memorialize organ, eye and tissue donors nationwide on the 2014 Donate Life rose Parade float in Pasadena.

Teddy died in 2000 at 11 years old but he was not too young to save two lives as an organ donor and give sight to another person by donating his corneas. Now his parents hope to inspire others to sign up as organ donors.

Teddy Deterding could be recognized by his bright blue eyes and big smile.

"We were praying for a miracle and what we realized was he was the miracle but it was a miracle for somebody else," said Robyn Deterding, Teddy's mom.

Teddy died in a car accident. He donated kidneys, a pancreas and corneas. The Deterding family is representing organ donors at the New Years Day Rose Parade in Pasadena.

Tuesday was the first time they saw a florograph of Teddy. It was a portrait made out of natural products like feathers and cinnamon that will decorate the Light Up The World float in the parade.

"They'll be lighting up the world because they've been donors and helped others," Robyn said.

Linda Ramos will also be on the float as an organ recipient.

"I'll be honored to be sitting on a float with those florographs of the pictures of the donors who have left behind these wonderful gifts which have saved my life and so many others," Ramos said fighting back tears.

Ramos was diagnosed with Type I juvenile diabetes at age 16. When her disease spiraled out of control, she needed help from a stranger.

"It's given me a life I really couldn't even have dreamed of," Ramos said.

Ramos received a pancreas at 35 years old.

"It's given my husband a wife for another 10 years," Ramos said. "It's given my daughter a mom for another 10 years."

And while the Deterdings will never have Teddy back, he will live on through others and in art.

The Deterdings have never met the people who teddy helped.  Robyn said that one woman in California who received Teddy's kidneys and pancreas died this past summer, but Teddy helped add 13 more years to her life.

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