Shorter shopping season means earlier spike in sales for downtown Decatur business


Black Friday and Decatur's Small Business Saturday may be over, but just because the deals have stopped doesn't mean business has.

It's that time of year when downtown Decatur is decorated for the holidays and while some people may still be trying to shed the extra pounds from Thanksgiving, Christmas is right around the corner and some small businesses said they're seeing a spike in sales earlier than usual.

Six days a week, "It's a hustle and a bustle all day long," said Valerie Swain a personal jeweler at Flora Gems.

The downtown Decatur store is showing their hottest items to more customers this time of year.

"I do feel like right after Thanksgiving this year we had an increase in traffic in our store so we saw it early," she said.

And they are not the only ones ringing up sales this holiday season. For Del's Popcorn Shop, this is the busiest time of year, that means double the staff and at least double the business. And over at Mowry Baking Company, it's two times the treats since Thanksgiving.

"We've been making double what we did make and we're still pretty much selling out every day," said Owner Holly Mowry.

Mowry just finished an order of 30 dozen Christmas cookies.

"Since Christmas is so close to Thanksgiving, I think everybody is like, 'Oh my goodness. I need to get my orders in,'" she said.  "And I don't know how many sugar cookies I've baked already. I was here until one this morning and I'll probably be here all night tonight baking."

It's going to be a "ho- ho whole lot" of cookies until Christmas.

So there may be a mad dash to the shops before the holidays, but stores are stocked and ready to sell.

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