Official concealed carry website launches


Springfield - The Illinois State Police announced their official concealed carry website.


The website will provide people with digital identification and fingerprint accessibility in preparation for the January 5th application. The site will also assist with eligibility requirements, application fees, training requirements, official forms, information for firearms instructors, and Frequently Asked Questions.


Fingerprints are not required for the CCL application; however, background checks will be expedited for those individuals who submit fingerprints.  The CCL website includes a list of licensed Live Scan vendors to help applicants locate the more than 60 licensed Live Scan vendors across the state and their multiple locations.  Applicants will receive a transaction control number (TCN) from the licensed Live Scan vendor at the time of fingerprinting and must retain that TCN to complete the application.


You can access the website at The website will continually update the FAQ's section.  

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