Neighborhood tree decorations a mystery to resident


Decatur - A Christmas mystery has a Decatur resident scratching her head.


Joyce Park said her tree in the Boiling Springs neighborhood has been decorated with ornaments, but she doesn't know who is doing the decorating.On the morning of December 1st Park noticed a shiny object in her tree. It was an ornament, and everyday since then a new one has appeared.


Park says she has asked all her neighbors and family members and still can't find out who is decorating the tree. She is now offering a reward "Put a reward out. I make good fudge. I was going to make a nice big box of my homemade fudge chocolate, peanut butter. And now I've added my caramels, homemade caramels to that...but no one has come forward to claim it."


She is hoping someone comes forward for this Christmas mystery.        

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