Tossing cigarette butts on ground could lead to jail time


GALESBURG, Ill. (AP) -- Starting Jan. 1, tossing cigarette butts on the ground will be considered littering in Illinois. First-time offenders could be hit with fines up to $1500. Repeat offenders could face jail time.

The Legislature recently added cigarette butts to the state litter law.

But enforcement could prove to be a challenge.

While Galesburg city officials are serious about the new law, police Chief David Christensen says he expects verbal warnings will deter most violators.

He told The (Galesburg) Register-Mail ( ) that when officers spot flagrant violations, they'll likely write citations, but officers won't be put on a special cigarette patrol.

Galesburg Public Works Director Larry Cox says people often dump ashtrays in parking lots -- an unsightly mess that can clog storm and sewer drains.

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