City to Focus on Abandoned Homes



DECATUR-Demolishing vacant houses.  It's a priority this for the city year and they're setting aside quite a bit more money than usual to do it. 
750 thousand dollars.  That's how much money in grant dollars they want to spend to tear down eyesores.  
When going on Neighborhood Walks, councilmembers saw the need to get rid of vacant houses. 
The money they'll be using for the demos is from Community Development Block Grants, so it could not be used for things like city salaries. 
Assistant city manager Billy Tyus says it will make a big difference.
"One of our council goals, city council goals has been to make our neighborhoods safer and to make and to beautify them and to clean them up," says Tyus.  "And this helps significantly with doing that." 
They are hopeful nearly 75 houses could come down.


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