$636M on the Line in Tuesday's Mega Millions


Springfield - People were lining up at Thorton's on south 6th street Tuesday.

However, it wasn't for the gas, it was for a chance to win $636M dollars.

The odd's were definitely against the players.

"1 in 259 million.  But if you play regularly, you will win a small prize on occasion, and you never know, lightning could strike," said Mike Lang with the Illinois Lottery.

Some were optimistic that they were holding the winning ticket.

"Everybody's got a shot," said one man.

Even before the winning numbers were announced, people were already making plans for the money if they were lucky enough to have the winning numbers.

"Trading in this white snow for some white sand," said one man.

"I'd get out of this god forsaken land and go somewhere where it's warmer and I don't have to do this everyday," said another man.
Yet, in the true meaning of the holiday season, other's had more ambitious uses for the money.

"Probably change the world a little bit.  I just think I could help a lot of people out," said one woman.

Since it only takes one ticket to play, and one ticket to win, and the chance of becoming an instant millionaire, lottery players believed that anything was truly possible.

Even defying the odds.


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