New Laws Start Jan. 1st


Illinois- Plenty of new state laws take effect January 1st. WAND's Brigette Burnett looks at three laws that have a lot of people talking.

From tanning, to talking on the phone while driving and smoking, Illinois laws become stricter in two weeks.

If a smoker tosses cigarette butts on the ground and is caught by an officer, the individual could be fined up to $1,500.

"I don't litter. I try very hard to throw my cigarettes out in the trash can, but if I accidentally were to throw it out the window, I think a $1,500 fine is a bit excessive," Rachel Emmons said.

For repeat offenders, a smoker could face jail time.

"That does seem a bit much," Emmons added.

Teens under 18 are banned from tanning beds starting January 1st. Unless it's in their own home or a spray-tan.

Scott Fuller said, "I own a tanning bed. I would have to put limits on it. . . other than that, it's probably a good idea."

"Kids don't know what tanning does to their skin. For their own protection, I think it's a good idea," Laurie Perkes said.

Think again if you want to drive and talk on the phone. Get a hands-free device or look forward to fines starting at $75.

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